The Author PhD Project
Frode Hegland






The Literature Review
Allow the researcher to better understand and analyse the source material in the literature review in order to develop a deeper and wider up-to-date understanding of the field, to go from “I reckon to ‘I know’” as far as the current understanding of the field is concerned, as my advisor Les Carr put it, while keeping an open mind as to the limit of attained knowledge as highlighted by Chris Stringer and the limit of the space of knowledge possible to interact with, as Alexander Laszlo has noted.


Performing Experiments
The researcher performs experiments to further advance the knowledge.


Developing The Thesis
Augment the postgraduate student's freedom of mental movement in order to achieve a more integrated, analysed and intellectually honest understanding of their thesis. This is the process my PhD project Liquid | View aims to improve.


Producing a Thesis Document with more clarity and credibility.


Collaboration & Review
Have more efficient collaboration through feedback from within the community, reviews from supervisors, and finally, from external examiners.


Publishing the Final Thesis as a useful literature review resource for others.