The Author PhD Project
Frode Hegland



constraints / criteria



Document Format


Document format will be XML, unless it is more efficient to use macOS database systems, then XML will be used for export as well as auto-back up to XML.




Human-Factors Constraints



  • Minimize the need for non-relevant tasks and choices
    Daniel Levitin writes in The Organized Mind that “The decision-making network in our brains doesn’t prioritise” and as a consequence we should only give the user relevant options, not choices which will be distractions and energy wasters.


  • Make reading the text as visually pleasant as possible through good use of typography and layout. This may seem obvious but while doing my own literature review for this project I really found it hard to read the text in on-screen PDFs and found it much lighter work when I copied the text in to Author. Preliminary surveys agree on this point.





Since the system will be using tags extensively, the application must be aware of tag spans and not let the user cut spans easily.






It is expected that the project will integrate with current technologies, people, companies and methods, including:


  • W3 standards including annotations
  • ePrints
  • Citations management systems including Mendely & Zotero.




Institutional/Legacy Constraints


The final document needs to follow university guidelines.